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Chimney Pots, Cowls Bird Guards

As a expert in Chimney Sweeping Sam often gets asked "Can I fit my own bird guard or cowl"

Simply No. Please don’t do this. You need specialty ladders and requirement to carry out any roof work, anyone not accustomed to going up roof this is extremely dangerous. Cowl, pot or guard needs to be sized and fitted properly, incorrect fitting could cause dangerous carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home, creating a serious risk to health. The fitting chimney cowls, pots or bird guards is an expert job that requires technical skill and knowledge and should only be undertaken by a qualified person.

Sam Says "get a professional to fit, repair or replace any chimney pot or cowl - they have all the right equipment and testing tools "

Chimney cowl
A metal cover with holes that is secured to the top of the chimney pot it helps to ventilate a solid fuel stove. It is designed to help your fire burn more efficiently by eliminating any downdraft they also prevent harmful carbon monoxide fumes from coming back down the chimney.

A must for an effective working stove.

Chimney pot
An extra piece of chimney, made from terra-cotta, added to the top of the chimney stack and extends the chimney’s height. They increase the air drawn up by the chimney reducing soot and fumes.

Chimney bird guard or cover
Similar to a chimney cowl, they have a flat or domed top with a space underneath covered by a grill and are designed to allow air in and smoke out, while also keeping birds and squirrels out.

Sam does not carry this work out, he has a team of experts he can call on who have the right equipment and skills. For advice give Sam a call: 07949 192458

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