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"Ask Sam" - Our FAQ's

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Q. How much is it to have my chimney swept and how do I pay ?
A standard sweep starts from £52.00* but depends on when you last had it swept, the complexity of the chimney and if you have any obstructions such as birds nests. Cash or Bank transfer please


Q. I am out of the area you mention can I still get you to sweep my chimney ?
Yes, but I may have to charge a little extra for the distance I travel, this will be discussed at the quote stage, so there are no hidden costs. Please contact me and we can discuss things.


Q. My fire bricks need replacing, can you help me Sam ?
Yes, I can quote for a price to replace cracked or broken fire bricks or replace all of them. I can also help with rope and the glass fronts - just give me a call.


Q. How do you know birds are nesting in your chimney ?
Sounds of chirping coming from the fireplace inside your house sometimes you may see birds going in and out of your chimney. Other signs include loose debris falling into your fireplace, twigs, you may see droppings in the hearth.
A nasty smell coming from your fireplace, or your fire is producing more smoke than usual which is coming into the room.


Q. Can you smoke birds out of a chimney ?
No, this is a very bad idea! Please, Please don’t try to light a fire hoping that the smoke will cause the birds to leave the chimney it just will not happen. The smoke will be unable to escape past the nest and it will roll back down the chimney and fill your room, the toxic and harmful carbon monoxide gas will not be able escape either. There is a risk the chimney itself could catch fire.

* prices subject to conformation.

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