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Multi Fuel Stoves and AGAs - Servicing and Repair

As a expert in Chimney Sweeping Sam often gets asked " Do I need to get my multi fuel stove serviced"

Simple answer is that servicing is an extremely important part of keeping your wood or multi-fuel stove running safely and efficiently. All the main stove manufacturers state that their appliances should be swept and serviced at least once or twice a year depending on how much you use your stove.

A regularly maintained stove and of course, using the right fuel some stoves can last anywhere up to 40 years. Various parts will have to be replaced over time, baffle plates, fire bricks and fire rope, the body of the stove is extremely durable if looked after will last a long time.

Sam Says "Maintaining your stove cuts down inefficient burning and the the risk of flue fires - ensuring you are safe and sound and warm as toast"

Fire Bricks
The purpose of firebricks:

They act as insulation, holding the heat within the firebox 

Protecting the outer casing of the stove from overheating, if not used or the bricks are cracked could cause the stove case to crack or distort.

Other Servicing and Repair Tasks
Some of the most important tasks to regularly carry out include emptying ash, removing soot and residue from the baffle plate, and cleaning the glass on the stove door.

Glass doors and rope can also be replaced.

If you need your stove serviced, or the fire bricks are cracked or crumbling or any other servicing or repairs then call Sam who can help.

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